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My large scale painting ‘The Dream’:

 The Dream
The Dream
124.6 x 124.6cm
Mixed media
A winged being pursues her angelic flight though various spaces and incoherent
perspectives. Free from gravity and unbound from matter, this ethereal being
hovers through turbulent waters, furnaces and tunnel-like spaces. All four
elements are present in this composition: fire, water, earth and ether. This painting is symbolic of the
human experience, navigating through life, discerning through an array of
information, beliefs and identities, searching for patterns in chaos.
Artist and psychologist Sonia Ben Achoura translates her academic explorations of mind
and body into a powerful visual language. Artwork that conveys psychological concepts
and phenomena through her paintings, hence adding a scientific dimension to her art project.
Both historic and cutting-edge research findings are conceptualised in her creations,
covering a broad range of interests including meditation, dreams, human interaction
with technology, consciousness, well-being and evolution.