Sonia Ben Achoura
London UK

Bio: Artist and psychologist Sonia Ben Achoura translates her academic explorations of mind and body into a powerful visual language. Using art as a catalyst, Sonia, also Health Psychology MSc, conveys psychological concepts and phenomena through her paintings, hence adding a scientific dimension to her art project. Both historic and cutting-edge research findings are conceptualised in her creations, covering a broad range of interests including meditation, dreams, human interaction with technology, conciousness, well-being and evolution. Stylistically, her artwork manifests in either iconic geometric patterns with a futuristic edge, or in displays of expressive outbursts of vivid colour and energetic lines. With a previous career in dance, she transfers insights from movement and energy into fine art. Another important influence in the development of her art form derives from her early Buddhist studies and more generally, of spirituality. She is currently writing a book on art and psychology alongside her psychology lecturer activities. Additionally, she is in the final stages of developing an educational exhibition based on psychological concepts, theories and phenomena. Her artwork is regularly on show at UK exhibitions. http://www.soniabenachoura.com

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